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About us

About us

Dentistry Center Stomatoestetika Kuliš is one of the leading private dental centers in Slovenia with more than 45 years of family tradition. We offer our patients in a comfortable environment top-notch dental services, using state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to working with patients, we are also a center where we conduct research and develop and refine new treatment techniques.

We are fully committed to our work and patient health. The Dentistry Center Kuliš educates young dentists in the field of prosthetics. We are constantly improving ourselves at international congresses, and at the same time we are actively participating as lecturers in professional training and as authors in international professional publications. We are honored to host also patients from abroad, mainly from Austria, Germany and Italy

Our approach is personal and tailor-made for the patient. We perform each service in such a way we would like to receive it if we were in the patient's place. To reach the maximum satisfaction of every patient we always take the time necessary to achieve healthy teeth and gums Our criteria is not quantity but quality.


Our advantages


A long tradition

More than 45 years of family tradition is a guarantee of our experiences, dedication to our work and to our patients. Many patients have been following us since the beginning of our journey and with them new generations followed. The long-standing relationship with  our patients fulfills us and further motivates to be even better.


Service Guarantee

At our center, patient satisfaction is paramount to us. So far, we have been able to solve all the problems to our mutual satisfaction and we believe that it will remain so.


All dental services in one place

We have pooled all the knowledge together and in the last 45 years we have created a clinic where we can offer you complete dental care at the highest global standards. We treat each patient holistically and in the way we would like to be treated if we were in the patient's place.


A pleasant environment

We want you to feel good when you enter our center, so we have equipped the rooms as cosy and comfortable as possible. Free parking is also available in the immediate vicinity of our clinic.


State-of-the-art dental services, equipment and materials

An innovative approach, up-to-date equipment, cooperation with experts in various fields and continuous education are ensuring us the quality of our dental services. For accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of our patients, we have the latest equipment available and use only the best (high-end) materials. Painless procedures are our primary concern and priority.



Our criteria is not quantity but quality. We always take the time for the patient. We perform each of our services the way we would like to receive it if we were in the patient's place.


Continuing professional education and following latest trends in dentistry

Today, trends in dentistry are changing extremely fast. That is why we are constantly educating at home and abroad. With our contributions we participate in professional meetings and in international journals. Our center also educates young dentists in the field of prosthetics.


A personal and holistic approach

Our approach is personal and tailor-made for the patient. We adapt to your personal preferences and your schedule. At the same time, we treat your initial problems in a holistic way, because this is the only way to find the right solution.


The latest technology

Intraoral digital camera, soft tissue and endodontic diode laser, operating microscope, endodontic ultrasound, Perioflow EMS, Florida periodontal diagnostics, and the use of all laboratory CAD-CAM techniques aresome of the tools that allow us to perform our services quickly, with high quality and at the highest professional level.



Our commitment is to always find the optimal solution, even when it comes to the most demanding dental work. Difficult cases are also directed to our center by our professional colleagues and we are always greateful  about their trust. Innovation is also our guiding principle in the research we carry out at our center and in refining of new treatment techniques.