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Price list

Price list

First check-up, consultation and treatment plan 30-90 EUR    
Filling 60-150 EUR  based on number of surfaces  
Direct aesthetic transformation of incisors 135-180 EUR aesthetic composite  
Anesthesia 10-20 EUR    
Root canal treatment of one root tooth  from 240 EUR    
Root canal treatment of a multi-root tooth from 360 EUR    
Tooth extraction (simple - wisdom tooth) 100-300 EUR    
Teeth Whitening (in office / home bleaching) 270 EUR    
Crown - porcelain fused to metal frame 440 EUR    
Crown / Veneer - full porcelain 590 EUR    
Crown - full ceramic (zirconium) 550 EUR    
Porcelain Crown on implant from 680 EUR    
Inlay / Onlay 250 EUR, 280 EUR  single (280 EUR) / multiple (250 EUR)  
Implantation of the Implant (Ankylos) 850 EUR    
Cast partial denture 1.200 EUR    
Complete denture 1.100 EUR    
Invisible orthodontics - Invisalign 1.200 - 4.900 EUR based on number of braces
Fixed orthodontics  1.000 - 5.000 EUR  based on complexity of the problem
Complete teeth cleaning (upper and lower teeth) 70-90 EUR  ultrasound, dental sandblasting, polishing  
Periodontal surgery (tooth or implant) 390 EUR    
Scaling and root planing (per tooth) 20-30 EUR    
Tissue transplantation, apicotomy from 450 EUR    

*The price list shows the prices of some of the most common services. We reserve the right to change prices according to the current price list and depending on the complexity of therapy. For more extensive therapies a discount is charged.