Storitve Ustna higiena in preventiva

Oral hygiene and prevention

At least once a year, every patient should be examined and his teeth professionally cleaned. The researches have shown that most of us can keep our teeth lifelong, or at least to an advanced age, if we perform regular checkups and follow the instructions of the dentist and oral hygienist.


Prevention or prophylaxis is the professional cleaning of teeth and periodontal tissues. In modern dental practice, it has become an irreplaceable support; researches have shown that with the help of prevention we can expect to maintain our own teeth even to an advanced age.   

Professional teeth cleaning means removing all soft plaque and solid plaque - tartar and all staining. For this purpose we use modern equipment such as ultrasound, air-flow or blasting (removal of staining with sodium bicarbonate, water and air pressure) and perio-flow (cleaning of periodontal pockets with special sand, water and pressure).           

Cleaning is followed by polishing the dental surfaces, which reduces further deposits of plaque - tartar. The teeth can also be covered with a high concentrate - fluoride varnish, which effectively prevents forming of dental caries. With children and adolescents, we also perform filling of tooth fissures and pits, which is the most effective preventive technique for preventing caries. We conclude with a proper oral hygiene lesson.       

Prevention is essential in eliminating problems with teeth sensitivity and maintaining a healthy condition after periodontal treatment.

It is advisable to repeat the procedure every three to six months, and at least once a year.

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