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Dentin hypersensitivity

Dentin hypersensitivity is a common occurrence today. Dental pain can occur by inhalation of cold air, consumption of cold or warm drink and food, or touch of the tooth.  

The major cause of hypersensitivity are exposed dentin sufaces resulting from damage of the enamel and / or withdrawal of the gums.

Causes of tooth sensitivity:

  • irregular and aggressive tooth brushing, the use of hard toothbrushes and toothpastes with strong abrasive particles
  • food and beverage acids or stomach acid (reflux or bulimia) can dissolve tooth enamel and cause erosion on teeth
  • poor oral hygiene causes periodontal disease and thus withdrawal of the gums, causing the tooth neck to open
  • dental procedures (removal of hard dental plaques, fillings, orthodontic procedures, bleaching.
  • gnashing or clenching of teeth (bruxism).

Understanding the causes and prevention are essential to eliminate the problems associated with tooth sensitivity. In case of the damage of the dental and periodontal tissue (erosion, wedge defects, withdrawal / recession of the gums), repair of the injuries is necessary.