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Endodontic treatment

In our clinic, we think that a natural tooth is better than an implant. That is why we invest in knowledge and the latest technology in endodontic treatment. To keep natural teeth as long as possible, we use a dental operating microscope, ultrasound and laser canal disinfection techniques, and the Ni-Ti machine needles.



Endodontic or granuloma treatment is performed when the tooth pulp is inflammated or dead (avital). Tooth pulp is the space inside the tooth where the nerves and veins are. The cause of the inflammation or death of the pulp is usually deep dental caries, tooth trauma or prosthetic preparation of the tooth. The tooth can die completely "silently" without characteristic symptoms such as pain, sensitivity of the tooth to cold or warm, pain to bite, swelling or fertilization in the apex of the root. 

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