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Storitve Estetsko zobozdravstvo

Aesthetic dentistry

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, there are different procedures available today ...

Storitve Protetika


Our specialty is prosthetics. Innovative approach, modern equipment, years of experience and ...

We are bringing a smile back to our patients for more than 45 years.

Storitve ortodontija

Orthodontic treatment

With orthodontic therapy you can get a harmonious smile on a very elegant and ...

Storitve Implantologija


Dental implants are an effective and elegant solution to replace ...

Storitve Osnovno zobozdravstvo

Basic Dentistry

Preventing and eliminating causes that can lead to tooth loss ...

Storitve Ustna kirurgija

Oral surgery

Modern surgical techniques and materials today make it possible to replace ...

Storitve paradontalno zdravljenje

Periodontal treatment

Timely treatment of periodontal disease can prevent tooth loss and ...

Storitve Tezave s celjustnim

Problems with temporo -mandibular joint and bruxism

We have many years of clinical experience ...

Storitve Ustna higiena in preventiva

Oral hygiene and prevention

At least once per year every pacient should visit a dentist for examination and professional cleaning of teeth.

ugriz v sadez zdravi zobje cr

Endodontic treatment

In our clinic, we think that a natural tooth is better than an implant...