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Periodontal treatment

Treatment of periodontal disease or periodontitis on time can prevent tooth loss and risk to systemic health. 

Periodontal disease or periodontitis is a chronic infection of the periodontal tissues that causes the loss of the supporting bone of the tooth, leading the tooth to become increasingly mobile until it falls out. At the same time, it represents a risk to systemic health as it is largely associated with cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke, diabetes, respiratory diseases and lower birth weight of newborns. 

In most cases, periodontitis can be completely stopped and in some cases even the loss of tissues can be restored by special procedures. However, the long-term success of periodontitis treatment requires the maintenance of a healthy condition by professional dental cleaning procedure or prophylaxis procedures and oral hygiene lessons.


Periodontal disease or periodontitis

The first stage of periodontal disease or periodontitis is gum inflammation or gingivitis. Gingivitis is characterized by redness and swelling of the gums, the sensitivity of the gums to the touch and by bleeding when brushing or flossing teeth. At his stage, gingivitis can be completely reversed by effctive personal oral hygiene.

However, when periodontal disease progresses to deeper tissues, a periodontal pocket is formed. Periodontitis in this stage causes the loss of the supporting bone of the tooth, which makes the tooth increasingly mobile until it falls out. 


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 Stages of periodontal disease: healthy condition, gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontal disease


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