Knjiznjica znanja paradontalne bolezni


How is periodontal treatment performed?

Periodontal treatment begins with an accurate medical history and a set-up of optimal hygiene.

First, we remove all dental plaque and tartar with ultrasound and teach you how to maintain excellent oral hygiene. In our centre we also use Perioflow from well-known Swiss manufacturer EMS. Perioflow is proven effective in removing tartar from periodontal pockets and comparable to laser treatment in case of periimplantitis. In some cases, it is even more effective than laser treatment. 

This is followed by digital recording of the periodontal condition to determine the severity of periodontal tissues destruction.

The hygienic phase and diagnostics are followed by scaling and root planing and rinsing of periodontal pockets with chlorhexidine, which has been proven to be an extremely effective way of removing pathogenic bacteria. With proper hygiene, such a procedure is usually sufficient to radically reduce the pocket depth. Laser therapy is also used to disinfect periodontal pockets.  

If inflammation still remains in the gingival pocket, then surgical-periodontal procedure is indicated in order to achieve definitive recovery. Modern development and specific surgical techniques and materials make it possible to achieve, at least to a certain extent, the restoration of already lost tissues.

To ensure that periodontal disease does not recur, we include all our patients in the periodontal maintenance program, so we can monitor the health of the periodontal tissues at regular intervals.


paradobtalno zdravljenje Before Periodontal Treatment

paradontalno zdravljenje 2 After completion of periodontal treatment