Legal notice

Legal notice

This website is managed by Stomatoestetika Kuliš, d.o.o., Dražgoška ulica 34, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. These sites provide general information about the Dental Center Kuliš and their services.


Terms of use

Entering and viewing any part of the Stomatoestetika Kuliš website means that you agree to all of the restrictions and conditions stated here. If you do not agree with everyone, please do not use these pages.

Stomatoestetika Kuliš manages, controls and updates these websites.

All information and data on this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be binding legal relationships.


Limitation of Liability

Although Stomatoestetika Kuliš is editing and will be editing websites with special care to provide accurate information and up-to-date information, it takes no responsibility for their accuracy and integrity. The company reserves the right to change the content of these websites at any time and in any way, for any reason whatsoever and without notice.

All users use all published content at their own risk.

The purpose of the information is in no case to provide expert medical advice or instruction in the treatment of the disease. The patient must consult with the dentist before starting treatment.


Links to Third Party Sites

These websites also contain information from third parties and links to their websites. Where appropriate in our estimation, it shall be duly marked.


Intellectual property rights

All information and images on the Stomatoestetika Kuliš web site are subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection within the legal framework. Documents on this site may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes and for personal use only and must retain all copyright or other copyright notices. Copying, duplicating, reproduction, modifying or otherwise disseminating information from these websites for commercial purposes is prohibited without the explicit written consent of Stomatoestetika Kuliš


Privacy policy

Compliance with applicable legislation

Stomatoestetika Kuliš in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and other applicable personal data protection legislation, special attention is devoted to protecting the privacy of information obtained from users of these sites and personal data transmitted by users to Stomatoestetika Kuliš. In the following paragraphs we will introduce you a system for collecting, storing and using personal information.


What personal information do we collect through websites?

You can visit our web site without providing your personal information. You only need to provide personal information when you order a service.

We only collect personal information when you provide them to us, for example, when you order our services via email or send a question and in similar situations, when you decide to send us your information.

In addition to the personal information you provide, we also collect information through cookies. This information may include: the website through which you linked to our web site, the websites you visit from our site, the duration of the visit of our sites. We immediately anonymize the last three characters of your IP address so that we cannot identify you through the IP address. With this information, we might be able to identify your identity, but we are not doing it.


For what purposes do we process the information you provide to us through the Website?

We process the information you provide to us or we collect via cookies for the following purposes: for statistical purposes and for the purpose of gathering demographic information and visitor interest, but only so that your identity cannot be identified; to identify server problems and editing web pages; to supply the services you have ordered on our websites; for other purposes that you have requested or you have consented to them unless otherwise provided by law.


Do we share your personal information with other companies?

Only Stomatoestetika Kuliš has access to your personal information.



A cookie is a smaller file that is placed on your device during a visit to a website and is recognized by the page that issued the cookie. The purpose of the use of cookies is to improve the functioning of the Website and the user experience when viewing the Website.

Some of the cookies we use are temporary, and some remain on your device for a period of time, even when you leave our site. Temporary cookies measure the number of visitors to webpages, and with stored cookies  we keep contact information for subsequent visits to our web sites, so that your next login is no longer needed. We also use stored cookies originating from other websites: these are Youtube cookies that allow you to view certain video content, advertising cookies and Google Analytics cookies on our web pages to determine how you navigate our websites pages that interest you and how long your visit lasted. Based on this, we can edit the content of the web pages and tailor them to the needs of the visitors.

The information we collect through cookies is processed solely for statistical purposes and for the purpose of gathering demographic information and visitor interests, but only so that your identity cannot be identified, server problems identified, web pages editing, and informing about our products/services .

Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies. You may refuse the use of cookies at any time. To decline cookies on your device, you can change the settings of the browser you are using. You can also find more information about cookie rejection at, and about Google Analytics at  


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In case of any problems, questions or insights, correction, blocking and deletion of your personal information, please contact The continued development of the Web requires that we change our legal notice from time to time. We reserve the right to make these changes. 

Last review: April 2019