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Gum correction

In the formation of a harmonious and beautiful smile, the beauty of white dental tissues is far from being important. With a high laugh line, the aesthetics of the gum is even more important. 

Sometimes the gum is too big and we remove it, sometimes too little and we add it. We use a variety of surgical techniques, from simple ones such as gingivectomy to more technically demanding ones such as covering recessions or adding volume to tissues (augmentations). All surgeries that fall into the field of oral surgery are not so burdensome for the patient because of the excellent blood flow to the area, since postoperative pain and swelling are mild or even absent.

Gum correction is performed with various techniques of mucogingival (micro ) surgery.


Gingivectomy is an operation on the gums adjacent to the tooth that removes excess or non-aesthetic gums by shaping the harmonious course of the gums and exposing the appropriate length of teeth.

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Gum recession (gum withdrawal) 

Gum recession is the withdrawal of the edge of the gum from the tooth neck towards the apex of the root. Gum recession may be due to:

  • Tooth brushing (incorrect oral hygiene techniques)
  • periodontal diseases,
  • incorrect positions of teeth,
  • tooth overload due to bruxism.

Gum withdrawal results in a exposed tooth neck that can lead to tooth hypersensitivity or root caries. Recessions increase over time. With the help of various surgical techniques, we correct the resulting recessions and restore the harmonious shape of the gums. 


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Augmentation or addition of tissues  

Augmentation or addition of tissues is a surgical procedure in which material is added to the defect to restore the lost soft tissue or bone.

It can be own or "artificial" tissue, it can be own or "artificial" bone, or a combination of both. This includes the so-called sinus lift - adding bone in the direction of the sinus to allow the implant to be inserted. It represents a more advanced surgical technique.


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