Knjiznjica znanja zdravljenje kariesa


Treatment of caries (tooth decay)

Firstly a white spot appears on the tooth surface which progresses to a brown spot lesion, and then the integrity of the tooth surface is lost and a cavity is formed.

White spot lesion is an area of ​​demineralized enamel where the structure has changed, but the enamel surface remains unchanged. At this stage it is still possible to achieve enamel remineralization without any clinical intervention. Therefore, the patient is encouraged to maintain good oral hygiene and advised to use fluoride-containing toothpastes, fluoride coatings and toothpastes with calcium phosphats.

If demineralization has reached deeper into the tooth and / or a cavity is formed, clinical treatment of dental caries is required. Infected and destroyed tooth tissue must be removed and replaced with a filling that restores the tooth to its shape and function and prevents dental caries from progressing.


crni madez Dental caries


White fillings are made of composite resin; a material that consists of ceramic particles embedded in an organic mesh. The composite adheres to the tooth surface, so there is no need to remove a healthy tooth structure (as it is  with an amalgam fillings). The technique of making a composite filling is more challenging and time consuming, but the aesthetic result is significantly better. Alternatively, an inlay or onlay can be used instead of a filling, which is made by a dental technician in the lab.  


White fillings