Knjiznjica znanja izbira materiala


Metrials selection in prosthetics

​When deciding on the optimal solution, we choose from three types of prosthetic materials: pure porcelain, a combination of metal and porcelain, and full ceramics - zirconium.  

Pure porcelain

The most natural appearance of teeth is achieved with a full porcelain veneer or crown. Usually, due to the lower strength of full porcelain, we only opt for this material in crowns or bridges in the front sector. For veneers, the fear of low strength is superfluous, because of the extremely strong attachment to the enamel (the tooth is zero or only minimally abraded), the porcelain veneers take over the strength of the tooth.   

cisti porcelan


Metal-porcelain technique

Porcelain metal technology has been used for over 100 years and is the "gold standard" for every new material on the market. When making bridges, this material is the first choice as it is the most durable.

kovinsko porcelanska tehnika


Solid ceramics - zirconium

When teeth are missing and a bridge is required or a single tooth is very dark, zirconium is the most aesthetic material. Due to its strength, it is very close to metal-porcelain technique, so we use it to make all the bridges and crowns.

polna keramika