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Objective diagnosis of periodontal disease - Florida Probe

Florida Probe is a periodontal disease diagnosis system developed in the United States.

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It uses a constant standardized force with an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm to prevent incorrect results that may result from too much or too little force when probing periodic pockets. That's why we say that Florida Probe allows for an objective diagnosis of periodontal disease that is independent of the dentist or hygienist.

During probing, the computer records all the parameters necessary to diagnose periodontal disease. Information such as the status of teeth, recessions or gingival hyperplasia Depth of pockets , bleeding and the presence of pus, the presence of furcations, plaque, degree of tingling of the teeth and width of the growing gum are recorded. This information, together with information about the patient's general health and his bad habbits, translates the computer into a diagnosis, and in the light of current guidelines for the treatment and maintenance of periodontal patients, also suggests optimal therapy. 

At the end the patient receives a printed periodontal status with a diagnosis and recommendations for the treatment and maintenance of a healthy condition.

In our clinic we are also using the Florida Probe system to diagnose periodontal disease.

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