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When it is recommended to use a dental implant?

We can lose a tooth for several reasons; most commonly it is caries, periodontal disease, injury or bruxism. Dental implants are an effective and elegant method of replacing one, several, or all teeth.

Replacement of one tooth

An implant can replace a single missing tooth. This avoids grinding at least two adjacent teeth to make a dental bridge.

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Replacement of multiple teeth with a bridge

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced by making a bridge on at least two implants. With such solutions, dentures can be avoided.

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implantant vec zob1implantant vec zob2 Before

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Replacement of all teeth in the form of removable or fixed prosthetic care

Implants can be used to attach a denture. Although the denture is still removable, its functionality is incomparably greater than that of a conventional denture.

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